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Everything on this site is freeware based on open-source software and was ported or modified by me (n0p) for use on my iPAQ 2210.

Should work on all WM2003 and WM2003SE devices, except you should switch SE devices to portrait mode before using.

03.08.2009 DOSBox 0.73:
Uploaded toolbar editor for 0.72-0.73.
06.07.2009 DOSBox 0.73:
Hey - version change :)
Not much to say here - just check oplemu=fast option.
14.05.2009 DOSBox 0.72 PocketPC port compatibility list started.
11.05.2009 DOSBox 0.72:
Memory copy optimizations. I consider them as "hacks", because of "probably" some broken compatibility, but i didn't find any.
Gives nice 10-20% boost to all cores. Synthetic test (cbench) shows +50% on memory transfer (cycles=max, so it's true).
Simple-modded full core. (+10% with sound, great with Star Trail and Betrayal at Krondor)
04.05.2009 DOSBox 0.72:
New release. Speed increase and mouse improvements.
01.05.2009 DOSBox 0.72:
Quick fixes:
Hopefully won't crash on exit shell command.
Removed mouse debug ingo logging.

Redownload archive.
29.04.2009 DOSBox 0.72:
Think it's suitable for first release.
See this section for details and download.
08.04.2009 DOSBox 0.72:
Open testing :) (now closed)
Contains two executables: DOSBox_1.exe and DOSBox_2.exe
First is built with GCC 3.3.3 and second - GCC 4.1.0.
First one works faster by about 30% compared to second build.
But contains bugs, one of which - can hang your device on exit, be warned.
What do i want to hear from you:
My device is XXX with XXX RAM and XXXMHz processor.
Both builds works fine/Only second one starts.
First build hangs my device.
14.04.2009 DOSBox 0.72: Changed compiler - dynamic core works stable.
Works in device emulator (WM2003, 5)
Added toolbars.
Removed normal, simple and prefetch cores. Added verysimple.
08.04.2009 DOSBox 0.72:
What is done:
QVGA scalers and logic.
What is not:
Config options.
Dynamic core works VERY unstable. Cache flush problem?
Autocycling works somewhat strange. (Can't set less than 3000?)
31.03.2009 TWolf wrote to me, saying it's hard to contact me - for people who wants to help. I'm pretty sure that my email is included is most readme.txt's in my releases, but anyway:

Let's see will it help :)
22.03.2009 My site counter shows over 1'000'000 page loads :) - i've set it in mid june 2005.
It's nice to know that PocketPC emu scene is alive. Kind of :)
Some news:
Have built and successfully run DOSBox 0.72 CVS with dynrec core on my 2210. It works. Eats about 40M of RAM. Got nothing to say about speed - no optimizations and GUI included. Anyone to help? I've got no free time.
Don't search for it in downloads - i won't upload it until i decide that the build is at least OK.
17.03.2009 Genesis Plus/Pocket PC: v1.09
Removed buggy optimizations.
Slow/fast videomem autodetect. On fast vidmem alternate uncached render is used.
Crop_screen can be set to auto.
Pause on incoming call.
sound_sem option. Whether to use sound semaphores. "True" works fine on Asus P320, false - on iPaq h2210. Try suitable value yourself.
Lots of otions can be set from menu. Key/TZ config buttons don't work now.
P.S. Almost forgot. Added "slow motion" button :)
30.01.2009 n0p.tonych.info seem to be offline - now mirrored at n0p.8bit.fm
27.01.2009 Download stats::
Since 2006, april:
DOSBoxPPC 225400
Stratagus&Wargus 67666
PocketSNES 40789
Genesis Plus/PocketPC 39180
Genesis SRAM converter 6043
Tower Toppler 3895